We Buy Houses Fast for Cash in Colorado Springs

Have a home you need to sell? Want to save time on your sale? Looking to get the best price possible? New Generation Homes can help you! We are experts in buying Colorado Springs properties and houses in surrounding areas! That means we know our houses, and we know our market. That means CASH in your pocket more quickly because we can move MUCH more quickly when buying your home .

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Sell Your Colorado Springs Home Fast for Cash

Sell us your home without paying fees or commissions! We will work directly with you to help you sell your house for a cash price. I am always asked if we are going to low ball the price. NO! We will actually walk you through what it would cost you to repair and resell your house and show you why our offer is whatever it is. We have many customers that walked away with more money than they would have if they had sold their house the traditional way, through an agent. We are able to pay a little more by cutting out the middle men and holding the property for a longer period of time.

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How to Sell My House Fast

If you need to move for work, family, or other reasons, our company has you covered. We have helped many people who need to sell their house quickly. In many cases closing the same month or even the same week! You are working with a company that can actually buy your house. We don’t sign a contract and then try to resell it. For selling your home fast, trust us to give you a fair price and get you on your way, when you need it.

There are many reasons why you may have a property that you need to sell fast. Don’t waste time figuring out traditional real estate methods. Putting it on the market can take months! And you may have to make expensive repairs. Even if your home is in perfect shape and it sells quickly you are looking at at least 30 days to closing once you are under contract. And since 40% of all contracts fall through, you may be looking to start the process all over again if something happens to your buyer. 

Many times, our offers exceed that which traditional home buying can give you. We save you time and money and give you a fair offer when you need it most. 

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Benefits of Selling a Home for Cash

Avoid having to be concerned with permit issues or similar worries when you decide to sell your home for cash. In fact, you don’t have to make ANY repairs! We buy your house as-is and will make sure you don’t have the normal stressors of selling on your shoulders.

If you are currently a landlord, it’s also a fast way to get your investment property off your hands. It can be hard to sell a property while tenants are in place. But we buy properties WITH TENANTS! So if you don’t have time to wait, call us for an offer!

In instances where a home is facing foreclosure or repossession, selling your home for cash gives you an offer, fast. This eliminates the potential for more fees being added to your already behind payment. The process can take months when you put your house on the market and that can cost you a lot of out of pocket cash. If you sell to us and we buy that month or that week, that means more money in your pocket! Get money when you need it the most so you can move on to your new beginning. Plus, this can keep you from having a permanent foreclosure on your credit report. 

Why Sell My House for Cash

We get it. Life happens. If you’re going through a divorce and need to move ASAP, trust our team to help you mitigate the costs of selling a home.

If you inherited an unwanted property, let us know and we will work to give you the best price for it. 

There are no loans or mortgages involved when you decide to sell your home for cash. No need to waste your time with closing costs or any other additional fees associated with selling your home traditionally. We offer you the best price, cash in hand, so you can get on with your life quickly.

The buyer won’t back out last minute. There is no waiting involved. Simply accept the offer and use the cash to finance other parts of your life. After less than a week, the home selling process will be completed.

Selling Colorado Springs Homes As-Is

There is no need to prepare the home for showing or do any renovations. Cash offers are given for homes as-is, which saves you a lot of time, stress, and money. We will handle the details of what the future resident will need. Many of our seller say it was the best experience selling a house that they have ever had!

No Closing Costs

Many home buyers and sellers know that closing costs are a big portion of the budget when it comes to selling a house. When selling a home for cash, that is out of the equation. Enjoy the freedom that selling your Colorado Springs home for cash gives you!

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Save time and money in the home selling process. We will provide a fair cash offer for your home.

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