We Buy Rental Properties (Even with Tenants)

Selling a rental property with tenants can seem difficult — because you have to honor the lease and most people don’t want a house that comes with people. But we can buy any rental property in Colorado Springs, with or without tenants, and take that worry off your hands.

Why Would You Sell Your Rental Property?

Life doesn’t always go as you expect. You may have had to move and you didn’t have enough equity to sell at that time. You might have bought your rental property with high hopes. Or perhaps you dove in before you truly understood what becoming a landlord is all about. Or maybe you inherited a property in Colorado Springs and became an accidental landlord.

As you now have learned, there is a whole lot more to it than just sitting back and watching the rent check roll in.

Now, you might be wondering “how CAN I sell my rental property? I have tenants in place and my agent says I can’t sell until the lease is up.” 

I have found there are many reasons why people find they want to sell their rental property sooner than later.

Here is one amazing seller story where we were able to create a win-win-win for the seller, tenant, and us! Watch Here


You had a certain plan in place when you bought your home or rental property. Now, however, your situation might be different. You might be looking at the market and feel worried that it is about to take a nosedive. Maybe you’re afraid your tenants will move out unexpectedly and you don’t have the financial cushion you need to pay two mortgages until you can find new ones. Uncertainty mounts and can eventually start keeping you up at night.


Other unknowns might be looming in the near future. You know that the roof is getting pretty old and will have to be replaced soon. Or perhaps the furnace is on its last leg. Not only does paying for those major expenses sound scary but also figuring out what to do with your tenants while the work is being done sounds exhausting (and more expensive).

Bad Tenants

On top of that, there’s always the bane of every landlord’s existence — bad tenants. What if you pick your tenants poorly and they willfully destroy the place, leaving you with a hefty repair bill that you might not be able to pay? Then you’re really left in a pickle. You can’t keep paying the mortgage, but you also can’t get new tenants until you clean it up. This is where you may want to contact New Generation Home Buyers.

If you want to sell your rental property and kiss all your worries goodbye, here is how you are able to sell your rental with the tenants that are currently in place.

How to sell your rental WITH tenants in place.

We Honor Your Lease:

Tenants have rights when they sign a lease. Unless you are month to month lease cannot make them move just because you want to sell. You need to wait till the lease is up OR find an investor that wants to take tenants with the house. You also need to make sure you give them enough notice when you aren’t planning on renewing with them. Check your lease for the amount of time it says you need to give them to move. If you don’t want to wait to do all this, we believe in keeping houses for a long time. So for New Generation Home Buyers, buying a home with tenants is not a problem.

Have some really great tenants and you don’t want to sell their house out from under them? Not a problem! We will always abide by the lease that you have in place. No need to boot your tenants out first. If they turn out to be great tenants, we’ll be happy to sign a new lease with them if they want to stay on. We love to inherit tenants that are amazing and want a long term place to call home! We have kept tenants in their homes for 10+ years! 

If they are not such great tenants, we are able to take over the lease and we are equipped to deal with the problems that may arise. If they cannot pay, we are able to handle that! If we need to evict, we know how to do that too. 

Ready for Some Fast Cash?

Stop asking yourself “how can I sell my rental with tenants in Colorado Springs?” and trade your headache for a tidy sum of cash. We offer you an excellent way to get out of whatever situation you have found yourself in. We know we can help because we’ve already helped tons of landlords before you who needed to sell their rental properties fast. We can usually give you 2-3 different options for buying your rental so you can choose what price and terms work best for you. Most people that sell to us end up walking away with more cash in hand than they would have gotten somewhere else!

Contact us to get your fair cash offer today.

Do you possibly owe more than what the house is worth?

We can also help you here. We have bought many houses that people were under water on. If you owe more than the house is worth or think you might have to PAY to sell the house, give us a call. We may be able to help with these bills and these issues. 

Just remember we are not high pressure. If we cannot provide a solution that is a win for you AND us, we are okay not purchasing your property! Give us a call today and lets see if we are a good fit to work together. If not, I may even know someone to refer you to.

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