Red Flags to Beware of From Property Buying Real Estate Companies

There are numerous signs that anyone considering selling their home to a “We Buy Homes for Cash” company should look for before proceeding to making any deals. The temptation to quickly move forward from a property should not cloud your judgement in deciding whether or not a company is legitimate enough for you to do serious business with. If you happen to be in a tight spot where you need to get rid of the property as soon as possible sometimes companies like these will prey on that fact, and seek the chance to take advantage of you. By remaining cognizant of several warning signs, you will be able to differentiate the companies that are trustworthy verses those that are not.


Red Flag 1: If no one has requested to visit your property from the company you anticipate selling your home to you should be cautious in trusting them with your property. This is a serious indicator that this isn’t a reputable property buying company. If they don’t take the time to view the property they have no idea of its value, the repairs or any other necessary information needed to make you an appropriate offer. If you find yourself dealing with a buyer that insists on not viewing your property think long and hard before moving forward.


Red Flag 2: If your selected home buyer isn’t willing to negotiate a purchase, that can be a good indicator that the company you are dealing with isn’t legitimate. The reality of the matter is that seasoned professionals rarely pay full price for a property, meaning they will almost always be backed into negotiations. Since it is so rare for a home buyer to settle on a price without negotiating, proceed with caution if you decide to take a first-offer that’s seemingly too good to be true.


Red Flag 3: A somewhat obvious red flag to watch out for is if a property buyer is asking you to pay application fees. Any company that asks for you to pay any sort of fee up front is likely preparing to scam you. The vast majority of real estate companies that do take fees in their dealings will take them at the end of the process. If a company has discussed taking application fees in their process of buying your property then you should promptly try to go in a different direction.


New Generation Home Buyers separates itself from the typical “We Buy Homes for Cash” companies by visiting properties and offering unique solutions tailored to each individual’s situation. If you have a reason to sell your home fast and you’re not sure of who to trust, you have nothing to lose by setting up a free consultation with New Generation Home Buyers. You won’t be under any obligations and nothing needs to happen with your property until you’re ready. If you don’t have the means to sell your home with a traditional real-estate agent, and you aren’t quite sure of your options, New Generation Home Buyers would love to go over the options that you have available.

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